I am sure you must have been hearing a lot about Salesforce Marketing Cloud and thinks its just another cloud like Sales or Service Cloud. Well, Its not!


Salesforce Marketing Cloud AKA SFMC is a set of automation tools for Modern Day Marketers which Salesforce lined up by series of acquisition. ExactTarget with Pardot being the costlier one, Salesforce also acquired Radian 6 and Buddy Media.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to personalize the experiences for your customer across various channels. Just like Salesforce, its a SaaS offering and it has got very powerful automation capabilities.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud itself is a powerful tool and most of it can be used without a CRM. If you integrate SFMC (ExactTarget ) with a CRM ( Think Salesforce and I just love it), its a powerful beast and you better know what you are doing with it.


Predominantly SFMC is a B2C tool and it also have an Marketing Automation tool for B2B called Pardot. I personally believe its a must have for every B2B Marketer and just love it. #PardotLove


There are people who refers SFMC as ExactTarget and I prefer not to do that because SFMC is not just about ExactTarget or Emailing capabilities. Its way beyond emails!

There are 5 major Channels within Salesforce Marketing Cloud .

5 Studios

Email Studio – Its one of the common marketing channels and its powerful enough to send millions of emails in minutes. Its used for sending mass emails as well as transaction emails. I will write a separate blog to explain the features of Email Studio.
Mobile Studio – It supports SMS sends, Group Messages (for LINE) and also have Push notification capabilities for android and iOS. Think about Geo Fencing + push notifications + automation, the possibilities are endless here.
Social Studio – Its an offering by combining Radian6 + Buddy Media. Radian6 is a very powerful listening tool and Buddy media helps to publish content. Social Studio helps you to Listen, Publish and Engage. This is a must have for every brand if you have a strong social media presence.
Advertising Studio – This is a brand new channel introduced by SFMC and helps you to mange your online advertisement campaigns. One tool which any brand to reach a specific customer segment quickly and with ease.
Web Studio – Lets not forget Web, this is one area where i have least explored and i think it has a long way to go. It allows you to create dynamic web and landing pages.


Journey Builder.png
The SFMC platform also gives you powerful automation capabilities using Journey Builder which allows you to create 1 to 1 journeys for your customers across marketing, sales and service channels.


Hub Exchange
Similar to AppExchange, SFMC had HubExchange and its being retired now. All the apps available in HubExchange will be available in AppExchange.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud is continuously evolving with a new release in every 2 months (yeah, twice comparing to SFDC ). This is just a quick introduction to SFMC and trust me its an ocean to learn.