Last week I got Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certified with approx 94% score.

How do I know its 94%? Thanks to the section level scores provided by Salesforce University.

My Section-Level Scores Below:
Email Marketing Best Practices : 100%
Email Message Design : 77%
Content Creation and Delivery: 90%
Marketing Automation: 100%
Subscriber and Data Management : 96%
Tracking and Reporting: 100%
External Email Integrations: 100%

So I have to concentrate more on Email Message Design.

Its really an easy exam and I learned a lot of concepts while preparing for the exam.

Exam Format:
Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
Time allotted to complete the exam: 90 minutes
Passing Score: 60% (Minimum 36 Correct answers)

Exam Sections with Weightage:

Subscriber and Data Management : 42%
Content Creation and Delivery: 18%
Email Message Design : 15%
Email Marketing Best Practices : 12%
Tracking and Reporting: 7%
Marketing Automation: 5%
External Email Integrations: 1%

First Step towards your certification is to download the study guide from here and understand about the exam.

If you don’t have any experience with Marketing Cloud, first complete the marketing cloud trail to understand about Marketing Cloud. Also have a look at my blog “What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud“.

If you are a salesforce partner, there are lot of study materials available for you. The perks of being a Salesforce Partner!

If you have access to the salesforce partner community, follow below steps.

  1. Join MC Email Specialist – HowTo chatter group. Go over webinar recorded videos where Vlad had explained many important concepts of Email Studio.
  2. Then Complete Marketing Cloud Partner Product Training learning path.

If you are in a hurry and if you just want to get the certification, the shortcut is to refer study notes prepared by the legend Ben Edwards.

You have to go through each section, read the summary and also refer to the links provided there.

Once you are done with study notes, go over the flashcards to understand the exam question format. I cannot guarantee the answers of these questions, this helped me to understand the question format and also did some more study based on those questions. I do agree that some questions mentioned in the flashcard was there in the exam.

Some Hints about the exam.

  • The key to clear exam is to keep calm and understand the question. Think about it for few seconds and then read the answers.
  • I always try to find the wrong answers first so that we can easily eliminate them and confirm the right ones.
  • The exam is all about Email Studio, so forget about other advanced modules like Journey Builder. I did get a question related to Audience Builder.
  • Questions related to email design will have answers related to email deliverability and vice versa. So read questions carefully and pick your answers.
  • Marketing Cloud uses List & Data Extensions data model, you will get questions around them.
  • Understand the difference between Primary Key & Subscriber Key. Multiple questions in different scenarios are there based on this topic.
  • A data extension will always have a primary key (multiple in some scenarios) and its not mandatory to be the Subscriber Key.
  • Group is only relevant for Lists and not for Data extensions.
  • CAN-SPAM law and time frames about unsubscription.
  • Send Classifications (Sender Profile + Delivery Profile)
  • What is List, Master and Global Unsubscriptions. Remember Global is handled by Marketing Cloud themselves.
  • How to refresh data manually or automatically
  • Capability of Send Preview & Test Email Send. this can be done even if email is not approved.
  • Why we use Validate & Content Detective?
  • Where can we find the documentation for API?
  • What type of email templates are available for Mobile Responsiveness?
  • Media Queries will be used for mobile responsive email design.
  • Also had a tricky question which asks how do we run SQL queries for a specific scenario using Automation Studio.
  • Questions were there related to reporting. How to get certain reports to the Manager. So have a look at the report extraction options ike CSV, Email , FTP etc.

Hope this helps with your certification preparation and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.